Vamos a leer.

Carlos es un animal interesante.

Carlos es un capibara, una rata súper grande.

Carlos es de Ecuador. Es de la Amazonia, en Ecuador.

La Amazonia es una selva tropical.

Es una selva súper grande.

Carlos tiene un problema.

Carlos es diferente. No nada bien. 

Tiene las patas diferentes.

No tiene las patas palmeadas. Carlos no es normal.

Carlos tiene una mamá y un papá. 

Su papá es un capibara grande. Su papá es cruel porque Carlos no nada bien. 

Su mamá es una capibara grande. Su mamá es amable. No es cruel.

Resume el primer capítulo.

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Targeted Phrases: es, tiene


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Introduce Book

Introduce the book. Show the trailer? Make predictions. What do you think the book will be about? What do you see on the cover?


Read the sentences and put them where they belong. 




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If you loved this first chapter, you can buy the rest of the book from Mira Canion.

We love Mira’s books because they are simple to read and full of culture.

There several ways to present the book. Pick your favorite!

Project the book and read it to them.

Give them each a book to read!

Download the audiobook which has a native speaker reading it.

Want ideas on how to teach with the book and supporting activities?

Check our the teacher’s manual.

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