Hay muchos tipos de HOGARES. ¿Cómo se llaman?

Conecta el hogar con su foto correcta.






casa rodante




Una CHOZA: Un hogar flotante


Hay alrededor de 4.000 personas viviendo en las islas.


La Casa Batlló: Una casa historica


Un CASTILLO: Vivir como Rey

España tiene más de 2.500 fortificaciones consideradas ser castillos.

Step 1: Daily Objective

By the end of the class, students should be able to talk about a few unique types of homes and give their opinion about them. 

Step 2: Question of the day

 There are many different types of homes around the world (and many different names for them)! Challenge studetns to see if they can match each type of home with the correct image of it. 

Then, let them tell you what word goes with what picture. 

(Now, they have been introduced to vocab and seen a lot of cognates that will come up again in future lessons in the unit. No preteaching necessary!)


Step 3: Giving opinions

Before looking at specific houses, it helps to remind them of what they can say to give their opinion. They can start with “me gusta” or “no me gusta.”

Then, they can support their opinion with a reason why they like or don’t like it. Encourage them to add to the list of adjectives if they can! 

Finally, they can add whether they would live there (or not). 

*This image is available as a download if you want to print and have copies available to help students. 



 The first type of house they will look at is UNA CHOZA. 

Show the video. They won’t understand it all, but should be able to pick up some details and see what this type of house looks like and where it is found.

After, show them on the map where Lago Titicaca is. 

Then stop and ask they to share their opinion with a partner about this type of home. 

What do they think? Would they like to live there? 



 Continue to LA CASA BATLLÓ and show the video and map.

(more intermediate info: show the article)

Stop and let them talk. What do they think about this home? Would they like to live there?

Move on to CASTLES. Show the video and map. Click the link to see other current castles that are on the market in Spain. You can show the prices and pictures of another castle (some are in much better shape than the one in the video… others are not.)

Stop and let them talk. What do they think about this home? Would they like to live there? 

Step 6: ¿Qué opinias? ¿Cuál es tu opinión? ¿Qué piensas?



Have each student give opinions about TWO types of houses.

(They could record a video, write it out, tell you in person, etc.)

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  1. Leticia Stabrino

    Thanks I’m loving this unit as I plan for distance learning, what a great way to open up their mind!

  2. Marcella Jimenez

    Loved using this lesson with students earlier this year! In particular, we used the choza as a springboard to talk about indigenous communities – their political and economic realities (reliance on tourism), their history and present of self-governance, and how the Uro people are similar to and different from indigenous people (Lenape). This was particularly illuminating, as many of my students had forgotten what they had learned of Lenape history and culture from the previous time they had studied. In advance of teaching this unit again, I want to develop materials and resources that directly draw these comparisons and embed this connection into the curriculum. Thanks for including the Uro!!

    • Kara Parker

      Thanks for sharing, Marcella! That’s a perfect way to tie in the cultures, communities and comparisons standards.

  3. Celene Burt

    Hi, for step 3, there is a note that says the image is available as a download, but I can’t seem to find it. Could you point me in the right direction please?

      • Chandler Phillips

        The handout seems to be gone, did you get rid of it?

        • Megan Smith

          Hi, Chandler!

          You can find the download by clicking the black box (right under the orange “para los profes” bar). Looks like we’ve made an update since I posted that comment above so that link has changed. The download button is up to date though!

  4. Cybil Federer

    Does anyone have suggestions on additional activities that I could do to practice giving opinions?

  5. Marci DiVerde

    The awesome video on Casa Batlló disapeared from youtube! Bummer.

    • Megan Smith

      Marci – I think I found it. I’ve reload it to the page – is this the one you remember?

  6. Kara Parker

    Nice catch, Lisa! I updated the picture, and once I find the file I’ll update that.

  7. Ciana Petrullo

    Hi! Do you have the image in step 3 to download? It wasn’t letting me download it. Thanks!

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