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Step 1: Daily Objective

Today students will be able to use their language skills and knowledge of hispanic street foods to work in the food industry.  

Step 2: Video – Food Truck Festival

Possible follow-up questions: Where is this festival? When? What other info did they hear? Has anyone been to a food festival? Where? 


Step 3: Set the Scene

Show the scenario and read through it with them.  

Step 4: What do they know how to do?

 These are some things they have been talking about during lessons in this unit. Give them a few minutes and have them try to write phrases or sentences about each of these prompts. Stuck? Forget a word? Encourage them to look it up! 


Step 5: Explain the “Practice Pecha Kucha” + Try it out! 

Traditional Pecha Kucha require 20 pictures x 20 seconds each = 6 mins 40 seconds

That is a long presentation for most language classes, so instead, here are two shorter options that allow students to get on the spot speaking practice:

1.) Mini-Pecha Kucha: Pair students up. Have them talk over 5 pictures x 20 seconds each. At the end, have them reflect with a partner. What was hard? What words did they wish they knew? Then have the other partner do their 5 pictures x 20 seconds each. 

2.) Back and forth:  Pair up and each try to use what they know to talk about each picture that comes up. Use a timer to track 20 seconds, and when time is up alert them (bell, buzzer, beeper) and scroll to the next photo. Then, the other partner jumps in for the next 20 seconds. Do 3 pictures each and let them stop and reflect. What words/phrases did they need? What phrase did their partner use that they wanted to question? Then do another round of 3 pictures each. 

This is practice – but it will really help prepare them for the interpersonal prompt on assessment day.

Here’s a real PechaKucha if you want to show one and analyze it:

 Extension Activity:

1.) Have students find any five pictures that connect with this same street food scenario and record a video encouraging others to visit another food truck. 

 2.) Invite a native speaker to do an on-the-spot Pecha Kucha with the street food scenario for the class. What words/phrases do they use to persuade, describe, or explain? 

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