¿Cuáles son las comidas callejeras mencionadas en el vídeo?

las empanadas

Empanada - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

La empanada es una masa rellena con carnes, verduras o frutas cocida al horno o frita en aceite o grasa. Su nombre proviene del castellano empanar, cuya primera acepción es "encerrar algo en masa o pan para cocerlo en el horno".​ Su origen se remonta a la costumbre de rellenar panes con viandas o vegetales, que los pastores y viajeros llevaban para consumirlos en el campo.

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  • Students will need internet access
  • download research forms to print and copy 1 for each student

Step 1: Daily Objective

Today’s lessons show students that the wonderful world of street food goes far beyond tacos and empanadas. Today they will research to identify and get some basic info about a few other street foods in Latin America. By the end of the class, students should be able to recognize a few and talk about them at their proficiency level.

Step 2:  Food Fueds Latino Video

Show the video – then show the question: What foods were mentioned? 

Show the video again and see if they can catch them all? 


Step 3: Model Street Food Research with form

Show them how you would look for information if you didn’t know anything about “EMPANADAS.”

First, is it a food or a drink? Google it and click images – easy to find out! Scroll through the images so they get an idea of what it is.

Then, go to the wikipedia page to find out the main ingredients and where it is popular.

Show them the completed form.




Step 4: Let them research!

 The download includes two different lists that have 5 street foods/drinks on each one. Give half of the class one of the lists  and the other half the other list. This makes it where they are not all researching the same things.


Step 5: Partner Share-back

Have students partner up with someone that has a different list so they can talk about their research. Give them a few minutes to to tell their partner about one of the foods that they looked up. Ring a bell or some make a sound and tell them to find another partner and repeat. Do this a few times.


Optional: Comida Callejera Videos

Show a few minutes of each video to give students a closer look at some of the foods they just researched. It’s awesome to see the ingredients, how it’s prepared, and the hands that made it (and have been preparing them for years).


Check for learning: Team Kahoot Competition

Create teams by pairing up students with opposite lists of street food. (Teams of 2 or 4 work well). They can use their notes during the game for help if they need it!

Find the game here: https://create.kahoot.it/share/comida-callejera/b251a812-eb3f-48ab-ba52-8a420084e7fa


New to Kahoot? – Check out the FAQ page: https://getkahoot.com/support/faq/

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  1. Kat De Lima

    That Coca-Cola Video – What a great find!!!

  2. mahmoode

    The video isn’t available and I am not sure what I should be looking for to find a replacement. Can you help? Thanks:)

    • Megan Smith

      Looks like it got pulled from YouTube (most likely temporarily), but I found it here:

      I’ll try to get it formatted above later today!

      Thanks for letting us know!

  3. Kara Parker

    Thanks for letting us know. We fixed it!

  4. Jessica Oberly

    Do you have a listening already made for the videos? Like you did for the taco one?

    • Megan Smith

      No specific listening tasks. Sorry!

  5. Vinny Civarelli

    Happy to share a Google slides adapted version of the Other Street Foods organizer:

  6. Megan Smith

    Hi, Tina! Link fixed. Try it now!

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