Haz una lista de preguntas comunes sobre restaurantes.

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Step 1: Daily Objective

Today students will be able to practice asking and answering questions about food and restaurants. 

Question of the day

What questions can they come up with?

(Note: Asking original questions is more of an intermediate skill. They may have memorized phrases that help them ask more novice questions like “¿Cuál es tu restaurante favorito?”so it’s okay if they have errors right now as they try to create with the language. They will see lots of examples of questions today so they can get more input of verbs and word order and you can work on those issues ovew time.)


Matching Activity

Give them the first 2 sheets from the “Matching” download. With a partner, they will cut apart the strips and match the questions with their possible answers. Each question may have more than one answer.



Next show the images with the answers. Let them check their answers and ask any questions. See if there are new phrases that they want to add to the notes.




Information Gap Interpersonal Practice

There are 4 different restaurants (A / B / C / D) in the download to assign to different students. The point of this activity is that they need to ask questions to their partner in order to answer their questions because they need that information.

Set up:

Give each student one of the restaurants. So 1/4 of the class will have version A, another 1/4 will have version B, etc.

Give them time individually to look at their restaurant (on the left) and summarize the information on the right side.


Tell them to partner up. If they have an A, find a B partner. If they have a C, find a D partner.

Students will take turns asking questions to their partners in order to find out the basic information about their partner’s restaurant and write it down on their note sheet. They cannot show each other their papers, but can ask as many questions that they want. They may want to know phrases like “repeat” to stay in the target language. For an extra “fun challenge” to this activity, add one of the following:


Next tell them to find a new partner. A partners with C. / B partners with D. Repeat the questions/answers.

One more time, tell them to find a new partner. A partners with D. / B partners with C. Repeat the questions/answers.

Now they should have their sheet completed. See if they have any questions. The images are above in case you want to reference them.

Exit Slip

Remind them of the daily goal. Pick one of the restaurants (A, B, C or D). Click on the image to make it larger.

On a piece of paper, ask them to write their name and 4 questions that they can ask about that restaurant, but DON’T PUT THE ANSWER.

Then tell them to pass the paper to some on the other side of the room. For a little fun, they can wad up the paper and throw it to someone. Then that person has to answer the questions at their proficiency level and write their name. Then you can formatively assess how well they can ask and answer questions.


Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

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  1. SenoraPrisa

    In step 2 when the students cut apart the questions and answers, it then says to “show them the answers.” I can’t find the answer key. I was going to display it on the board. Can you direct this to me or are we just orally going over answers? Thanks so much!

    • Kara Parker

      So sorry! The image is loaded now. (Love your username!)

    • Laura Salas-Damer

      I’m still having trouble locating the answer key for the Q&A. Can you help me find it on this page? Thank you! I’m excited to do this activity!

      • Laura Salas-Damer

        I found it! Disregard; thank you!

  2. SenoraPrisa

    My students have looooved this unit! We have done a food truck in the past and it is coming again in two weeks and it goes so perfectly with this unit. Great ideas.

    • Megan Smith

      Glad you’re enjoying it! Street food is easy to love – especially when they actually get to order, eat and enjoy it themselves! What kind of foods will your food truck serve?

  3. cedmonds

    Hello! Do you ask them to brainstorm in English or Spanish when they come up with a list? If you do it in Spanish, how to you prompt them? Thanks!

  4. Kara Parker

    Hi Caitlin! I would lead the brainstorming in Spanish. This was a perfect time for them to practice their circumlocution skills and I would fill in the missing words. So if they did not know “price,” I’d expect them to say something like “dinero, para la comida, dólar/peso.” You could also give them some time to chat with a partner and come up with a list too. I’ll a question in Spanish to prompt them. Another option – you could show the answers and ask them to pick/discuss which one in the most important factor.

  5. Megan Smith

    Food is always a good idea 🙂 but you’re right. That was dropped in from an old lesson. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Claudia

    It would be better to say:
    Puedo hacer y contestar preguntas sobre la comida y…

    Abre a las 9 de la mañana.

    Sirve agua fresca
    Tiene churros con chocolate

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