¿Cómo se comparan los atletas hispanos con otros?

¿Qué se necesita para ser un buen atleta?

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Proficiency Range

Novice Mid – Intermediate Low

Unit Duration: 

2-3 weeks


Contemporary Life (Sports)

Public Identities (Athletes)

Talking about these topics:

⊕ Hispanic athletes

⊕ important characteristics of an athlete

⊕ teams, positions, achievements

⊕ traditional + extreme sports

⊕ sports awards

Using these language skills:

⊕ giving basic personal info

⊕ giving opinions

⊕ making plans

⊕ comparing

⊕ asking + answering simple questions






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  Let them discover and sort their

own sports vocabulary by exploring the

espn website:

 Extreme Sports:


Hispanic Athletes:


 describing an athlete:


Comparing Athletes:


Making plans:


sports commercials:


Giving credit where credit is due…

Cultural Insights

  – students everywhere!

Editing / Translations

   – Joanny Billings

Resource Contributions

– Shari McCormick


Share your resources and ideas with the community below!



  1. Shari McCormick

    Thank you for this great curriculum-it is my first year using it. It is so relevant and engaging for my students. My biggest challenge is editing the templates for mis metas, experiencias y los planes. I finally had to make a template in google, it doesn’t look quite as pretty but works. My students are loving the playlist music also. I just downloaded the world sports and thought you might like to check out on youtube “Al Sur del Mundo” by Noche de brujas from Chile. My middle school students do a Copa America unit and they love the theme song from 2015. I tried to find it on Spotify and Apple Music, but it’s not there. DJ Méndez has an official 2015 “La Copa America” song also. Pitbull has the 2016 “Superstar” song (a lot of English since it was held in US). Can’t wait to see how my students move on their path to proficiency without the text this year. Thanks again!

    • Megan Smith

      Hi Shari! Thanks for sharing some new music to add to the playlist!

      As for the documents, we’ve added some blank templates to the download to help with the editing process. You should be able to open them in your preferred program (Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.) and then add text boxes to put your own text in there. We’re working on a way to make editing possible on the documents, but as you know, formatting can be a beast!

  2. tmdalton

    Do you have any suggestions as to how to adapt this assessment to be an interpersonal speaking assessment, vs. a writing assessment? I presume you wouldn’t give them time to prep…

    • Kara Parker

      This one works great as an interpersonal speaking assessment! Your choice about the prepping which they could do on the bottom of the page. I suggest that they do not get to use resources if you allow it since the purpose of an assessment is to see what they know. This link has some general tips for giving interpersonal assessments: https://www.adiostextbook.com/diy-unidad/dia-de-evaluacion/ Another way is to do this more like presentational speaking: show them the prompt, give them a few minutes to brainstorm, then have them all record on their devices at the same time within a set time period. They basically drown each other out.

  3. tmdalton

    Great ideas – thanks!

    • Megan Smith

      Gracias por compartir. ¡Me encanta!

  4. ERIC

    My district blocks Akinator 🙁 I’ve asked IT department if they can allow it but they say it’s an unstable site with lots of clickbait and shady plug-ins (or something like that). Does anyone know of an alternative? I love the idea!

    • Megan Smith

      I don’t know of any alternatives. The website is messy with so many ads on it. I have the app on my phone and I have unlimited data, so I could open the app (no ads, popups, etc.) and either hook it to my projector with an Apple dongle or put it under an elmo so we could play together as a class. Not an option for everyone maybe, but it helped me!

    • katya.higdon

      Love it!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. kpaszko

    I loved this unit! I finished it having the kiddos create a spark video of a hispanic athlete that they admire. One of my students chose Laurie Hernandez the Olympic gymnast. Last week, a group of our 8th graders, including this student, traveled to Washington DC. Guess who was on the plane??!!! Laurie Hernandez was so sweet! She took a selfie with the girls! They will remember this forever!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Megan Smith

      This is amazing! What an unforgettable experience for your students! Thanks for sharing!

  6. plegaspi89

    How long does this unit usually take? The majority of the units have the weeks listed but I can’t seem to find how long this one takes. Gracias.

    • Megan Smith

      Paula – between 2-3 weeks (usually 1 class for each lesson – with some wiggle room when they research their own athlete). If you don’t have that long you could take out the NOMINAR lesson or the OTROS DEPORTISTAS lesson. It’s one of my favorites… Hope you like it!

  7. katya.higdon

    I created a Quizlet for this unit, I tried to do it as a circumlocution. I hope it helps. I am going to try it with my students to check the difficulty.https://quizlet.com/_5xc54i

  8. K Whitton

    I am such a big fan and regular user of AdiosTextbook. I love watching my students faces when I show a new video or picture from the daily lessons. I was thinking that Special Olympics would be a great lesson to add to this unit. I am making my own lesson to supplement the unit, but I think it would make such a wonderful addition to the lesson plans you all have created. Thanks for make teaching so fun!

    • Megan Smith

      Thanks for sharing this! We felt the same way… when a student got excited after a good video or when a class was really inspired to communicate – it would make our day! We have plans to make a whole olympics unit soon. You are right – a special olympics lesson would be awesome! Thanks for the great idea, amiga!

    • Angela Wagoner

      Would you be able to share your idea for the special Olympics lesson? I would love to see what you have!

  9. Angela Wagoner

    Are you looking to update the Kobe vs. Messi unit at all, now that Kobe has sadly passed away?

    • Megan Smith

      Hmmm… good question, Angela. I love the authentic resources in this lesson so much, I would still use it. He’s still really relevant to students and known worldwide. If you have students nearing Intermediate, it would be a neat way to expose them to past tense (he earned… he played for… etc.). I played basketball my whole life and love Kobe (so this one is personal to me which made it so easy to teach). Sometimes kids like hearing about athletes/musicians/actors from the past that have left a legacy and are still remembered to this day. (Whitney Houston, Kobe, Selena, etc.)

      On the other hand, I can see reasons why a new athlete could be a little less complicated. I would be open to making another lesson that is set up exactly the same with another athlete though. That would give teachers the choice. Any suggestions on who to use for the second athlete? Share any ideas and/or resources and I’ll see what I can do!

  10. Megan Smith

    Un chiste:

    ¿Por qué el libro de matemáticas no puede jugar al fútbol? ¡Porque tiene demasiados problemas!

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