Hay mucha competencia entre los deportistas.

¿Quién es el mejor?


¿Quién gana más din€ro?


¿Quién es más famoso?

¿Quién tiene más seguidores en Instagram?

Sus cuentas de Instagram

(hasta 2024)

Fotos jugando el deporte



¿Quién tiene más años de experiencia en la liga profesional?


¿Quién ha ganado más el “Balón de Oro”?

¿Quién ganó en 2021, 2022 y 2023? Mira los ganadores aquí.

¿Qué opinan los otros deportistas?

¿Amigos o Rivales?

Compara a dos deportistas.

< < < PARA LOS PROFES > > >

Targeted Phrases: more than, less than


  • Download and print a compare chart for each student
  • Extension: They will need a 2nd compare chart, so you can copy 2 charts on 1 page (front/back) if you want.

Step 1: Daily Objective

 By the end of the class, students should be able to make simple comparisons about popular athletes. This lesson uses Messi and Ronaldo as a model to connect to the culture and prior learning from past lessons. Then students can pick their own athlete to make other comparisons.

There is no explicit grammar lesson on how to COMPARE in the target language in this lesson. You can decide how you want to do that in a way that is appropriate for your students proficiency level.

Novice Ex: Messi has more money than Ronaldo. Ronaldo has more experience than Messi.

Intermediate Example: Messi earns more than Ronaldo but Ronaldo has more experience than him. Messi also has more fans on IG that Ronaldo does. However, Ronaldo has…

Step 2: Question

Are you a competitive person? Who is the most competitive person you know? 

Give students a minute to think about their answers. Then let them share their thoughts with a partner. Next, share back as a big group. What percentage of the class admits to being competitive? How many are NOT?

Who is the most competitive in the class? 

Tell them about yourself. Would you consider yourself to be competitive? Give an example.  


Step 3: Video – Ronaldo vs Messi (INTRO)

Show this video clip  for students to see the competitive side of these two and the big rivalry between them. (Note: Don’t show the player interviews part – that is saved for the end of the lesson)

After, let them know that today’s class will compare these two athletes to see who is better.

Step 4: The comparison chart – 

Explain to students that they are going to use the chart to keep track of the info we compare during the lesson. 

Have them write the two athletes names on the top of the chart. 


Step 5: Comparing Salaries

Start the comparison by looking at how much the athletes earn. Many pro athletes are very rich and earn a lot of money… but WHO makes more? Ronaldo OR Messi?

Figure out the salaries by clicking the button “el salario de…” and let students read over the chart of information until they find the right number. 


1.) The website tells his ANNUAL salary and what he made the whole year but also what he made each MONTH, WEEK and DAY.

Can they figure out what these athletes make per HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND? 

Write down the salary information on the chart.

Step 6: MINI (just in time) GRAMMAR LESSON

Model for students how to use “________ earns more than ___________.”

You may want to add:

“_________ earns LESS THAN _________”

“_________’s salary is higher than ______________” 

“__________’s salary is less than ______________.”

Step 7: Comparing FAME and EXPERIENCE

Repeat the process above by starting the category FAME;  

How popular are they on Instagram? Let students look at his IG profile pic and see how many followers they have (and learn how to say “followers” in Spanish). Then look at two of his recent posts and see how many “likes” they has.

 Who has more followers? Who has more “likes”? 

You may also want to note some similarities:

They both post pictures playing the sport they love (and both have played around the world).

They both post pictures of their families. 

They both have kids. Messi has 3 boys (which some call a hat trick) and Ronaldo has 5 (his youngest was born in 2022).

How long have these athletes been a professional athlete? Compare the quotes to find out when they started and how old they were for their first game. You can click either box to see the full article.

 (hint: they were both only 17 when they debuted but Ronaldo started two years earlier.)

Have them do the math to figure out how many years of experience they have.  


Step 8: Who do OTHER athletes think is better?

 Show the interview video of other soccer players explaining who they think is the better athlete.



Check for Learning

In the end – they are both friends and rivals. Both are extremely talented with unique skills.

What do your students think? Have each student write (or record) a summary of what they found comparing Ronaldo and Messi.


Give them a new compare sheet. Now they will find this information about the athelete their researched in a previous lesson. Then they will compare their athlete with someone else in class. Lastly, they will write a comparison of their two athletes.

Mark/stamp their objective sheets if they can accomplish the lesson objective at their proficiency level.

Follow-up Lesson: 

Let them do more comparisons on their own for extra practice.

They can compare any two athletes from their favorite sport.

They could compare other awards won, height, weight, etc.

Reference any relevant options on the “Experiences/Homework Sheet.”

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