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          • download, print, and copy notes sheet for each student


          Printing tip: Since all programs and printers vary, you may need to SCALE down the PDF before printing to fit the page.

          Step 1: Share Daily Objective

           By the end of the class, students will be able to talk about popular drinks from different Spanish-speaking countries.

          Step 2: Student Notes Handout

          Give each student the handout to take notes about the 5 drinks from the lesson. Try not to tell them exactly what to write down. It is beneficial for them to figure that out as you go through the lesson.

          Step 3: Learn about drinks

          Each drink is connected to a specific Hispanic brand that is manufactured (and very popular) in a Spanish-speaking country. Teach them about these five cultural drinks with the following steps (and let them add to their notes page as they go).

          • Announce the drink (and encourage them to write it on their notes sheet).
          • Show the video so they can see an example of the drink and get a glimpse of the brand.
          • Visit the company’s website (to look for where it is manufactured and the drink’s health benefits) If students have their own devices it would be a good time to let them explore the company websites on their own
          • Show them Instagram pictures of the product/brand

          Drink 1: Leche chocolatada/Cola Cao/España

          Drink 2: Jugos naturales/Jumex/México (JUMEX = JUgos + MEXico)

          Drink 3: Mate/Taragui/Argentina

          Drink 4: Chocolate caliente/Abuelita/México/

          Drink 5: Café/Juan Valdez/Colombia


          Step 4: Teach/Review ways to order a drink

          There is no visual in the lesson so you can personalize it the way you want for your students. If students have already seen the COMIDA CALLEJERA unit, they learn to order with “quiero.” You could review that OR teach them another option. Have them write down words/phrases to help them on the bottom right corner of their notes sheet to help them during the next activity.


          Step 5: Partner Speaking

          In each of the different situations represented in the pictures (in the orange background), students will need to talk with a partner about which of the five drinks they would choose and why. You can set the scene by explaining the situation in the picture. (examples below)

          1.) You woke up late for school and don’t have time to eat breakfast. You want a quick drink before you go. What do you want to drink?

          2.) You have a headache and feel very sick. What do you want to drink?

          3.) It’s Saturday morning and you’re going to your favorite restaurant to have breakfast with your best friends. What do you want to drink?

          4.)You are on your way to play sports in the park with your friends. What do you want to drink before you play?

          5.) It is Monday morning and it is cold and raining. What drink do you ask for/order for breakfast?


          Step 6: Flyswatter Wrap Up

          There are two screens to play with – use one or both to check what your students learned from the day’s lesson.

          Version 1: ¿De dónde viene la bebida famosa? You call out the brand and let them race for the right country.



          Version 2: Describe the drink, where it’s from, it’s flavor, and something it’s similar to. Let them race to touch the correct drink brand! (Hint: Start with something vague so they have to listen to a few clues before guessing! “Es una bebida caliente…”)

          Other resources:

          Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


          1. Bethany Pflug

            Hola –

            I’m not seeing the ‘screens’ for the flyswatter game. Wondering if I missed them somewhere?

            • Megan Smith

              They are the final two images on the page (one is a map of the world and the other has the 5 drink brand names).
              Hope that helps!

            • Jill Boussy

              Thank you! I also teach middle school and found the second video to be more appropriate- since I am doing remote learning and can’t control the video.

          2. Samantha Page

            I’m wondering if it might be beneficial to do this lesson in a stations format, like the Hispanic breakfasts lesson? I
            just feel like students would get more out of it and be more actively engaged if they could read the tweets first and browse the website firsthand, as opposed to me trying to show them from my projector. I always feel like they can’t see tweets/Instagram posts and website text well from my projector anyways. Or maybe we do 1 whole-group and they do the rest in groups of 4?

            Last time, I put the videos and websites on my class website and printed off the articles for them…this time I could do the same, put print off the Instagram posts…

            By “marcas similares”, you mean English brands, right? So for Cola Cao, they could put Nesquik? I’m not sure I can think of English brands for all the drinks…

            • Megan Smith

              Stations would work, too! If they work well independently, go for it!

              Yes, thinking about similar brands is a way for students to compare/contrast cultures. Some drinks might be similar to their own culture – others might be different. Nesquick is a good one for the chocolate drink, juice might be = Tropicana or Minute Maid, Mate = te, matcha, sweet tea, hot chocolate = Swiss miss, Coffee = Folgers, Starbucks, Tim Hortons

          3. Megan Smith

            Definitely do what best fits your comfort level! This unit is planned for intermediates which are usually high school and I didn’t think that song would be an issue at all for them. I actually sounds to me like they say “shake your BODY” if I didn’t know the original song! I love the video for a few key points: it talks about the drink being CALIENTE or FRIO which fits the lesson really well and it’s pretty easy to understand. The video you recommended is a good one, but it suggests Cola Can for any time of the day and I was trying to zoom in on breakfast. I’m see if I can find something in the middle!

          4. Cheryl Havard

            Has anyone found health benefits on the Juan Valdez website?

            • Megan Smith

              Hi, Jacquelyn! Thanks for alerting us for updates. I replaced instagram posts and checked the Abuelita link. The link is working fine for me. I’ll dig around to see if I can figure out what’s going on for you.

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