¿Cuales son las
frutas tropicales?

¿De dónde vienen?

What are some of the tropical fruits?


Where do

they come from?

< < < para los profes > > >

This is an introduction to the new unit that you can do after the previous unit’s assessment or start class with it and immediately lead into the first lesson.


  • Download the “Objective Sheet” and “Homework” from the download on main unit page
    • Print/copy for each student (can be put front/back)
  • Download the unit vocab sheet and copy for each student

Planning the Unit

Take a look at the unit overview, especially the bottom row. You do not have to include all of them, but work on including as many as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask!


Ask around to find guest speakers that can come into to talk or video conference. 

Anywhere in the community to visit (could be an Experience option) or take a field trip?


Ask around at school to make some cross-curricular collaborations. 

Introduce Unit 

Start by introducing the new unit to let them know what they will be learning.

Essential Question

Introduce the essential questions for the unit. See what they already know.

Unit Objectives

Note: Click the image to change the size.

Ask what they think they will need to learn to be able to understand information about street foods and describe them. Make a list of what they say.

Pass out the Objective Sheet for this unit to students. Have them circle their proficiency goal at the bottom. Refer back to the rubric if needed.

If you want to do a pre-assessment, they could try to do each of the objectives.


Give them the experiences sheet. Go over the options. See if they have any other ideas that would connect with the 5 C’s (community, cultures, communication, connections, comparisons). Explain how, how many, and when to turn it in. Also explain guidelines for the “Your Option” like does it need to be approved first.

Extension Ideas:

  • Connect with other content teachers
  • Arrange for a guest speaker to visit

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