Haz una lista de las comidas y bebidas que ya sabes en español.

 ¿¿Comerías esta comida??

 ¿¿Comerías esta comida??

Explica cómo la comida del Día de Acción de Gracias es diferente en Puerto Rico.
¿Por qué se comen comidas diferentes?
Explica la conexión entre las comidas y el territorio.

– – – para los profes – – –


  • Hang up 4 Corners signs (use the “opinion” set)
  • Download, print and cut apart the puzzle. You will need one puzzle per 2-3 students.
  • Download, print and cut apart the questions. You will need one question per student, so you may need to print a few pages.

    Daily Objective

    Introduce the daily objective. You can use props, acting, and simplified language to explain it. This lesson will show traditional foods, plus show some unique variations popular in Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving.


    Ask the question to activate prior knowledge.

    Then see how many of them are foods that are eaten on Thanksgiving. You may want to make a list on the board of these words.

    Video – Thanksgiving Foods/Calories

    Show this video. After each food, stop the video. Discuss how much they like that food. Extend into other conversations if you want (Did you know it was that high in calories? Who makes that food in your family?).


    Give them the cut apart puzzle. Let them try to put it together in groups of 2 or 3. 

    Recipes for Thanksgiving + 4 Corners

    Introduce the next activity – Vamos a hablar sobre tu opinión de las comidas tradicionales para el Día de Acción de Gracias.

    Show the recipe website – Recetas para el día de acción de gracias – El Mejor Nido https://www.elmejornido.com/menus/cena-accion-gracias/ 


    Start by picking one of the recipes. If you click “vista rápida” it shows a quick description. Ask them to go to the corner that represent their opinion of the food. If you want, ask some expansion questions for them to discuss while in their corner. Repeat this for about 10 of the recipes.

    • ¿Te gusta (nombre de la comida)? Camina a la esquina que representa tu opinión.
    • ¿Es una carne, un acompañamiento, o un postre? (draw pictures with the words on board or give examples if needed)
    • Tres palabras para describir la comida son…
    • (Usa descripciones de la “vista rápida”) ¿Estás de acuerdo? ¿Es dulce?
    • ¿Es una comida traditional en tu casa para el Día de Acción de Gracias?
      • Show some that are specific to Puerto Rico:
        • Mofongo
        • Relleno puertorriqueño
        • Empanadas


    Thanksgiving Foods/Calories

    Show this video. Use the same 4 corners signs. Extend into other conversations if you want (Did you know it was that high in calories? Who makes that food in your family?).

    Mofongo and Ruta de Lechón

    Show the videos that are specific to Puerto Rico. Stop as needed to clarify and point to specific foods. You can even show them with the volume off and you explain them in simplified Spanish. The Pork Highway video is in English, but it gives a lot of culture knowledge. STOP that video at 3:55 before it talks about traditional drinks (aka you know your school culture). Ask their opiniones about these foods. Would they try them? Have them add them to their lists.

    Ask, Ask, Switch

    Print the question cards and do the Ask, Ask, Switch activity. There is a blank slide to make more if you want.

    Check for Learning

    Refer back to the daily objective.

    You can mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

    If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

    As an exit slip, you could use these:

    • Explica como la comida de Día de Acción de Gracias es diferente en Puerto Rico.
    • ¿Por qué se come comidas diferentes para el Día de Acción de Gracias en Puerto Rico?
    • Explica la conexión entre las comidas y el territorio.

    Extension Ideas


    If you are doing the harvest/fall celebration research, they can research for what foods are traditional to eat for their assigned celebration.

    Other Ideas

    • Play “Lo tengo” game with pictures of foods (could print from El mejor nido site) Got It / Lo Tengo

    Read Article about Puerto Rican Thanksgiving

    Let students read the article first with a partner, to see if they can figure out what a traditional Puerto Rican Thanksgiving meal has. Then they will do one more graphic organizer – Comparación de Culturas (use the second one with 2 columns).

    Option- project the graphic organizer on the dry-erase board and let them write on it to share the answers in the end.

    English articles to give them some background info


    Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


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