¿Cómo son los juegos?

¿Por qué jugamos los juegos?

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Here are some tips and suggestions to implement the assessments.

You do not have to use all of these assessments. Pick the ones you want or let students have a choice.


  • Download and print the assessments you want to use from the main unit page or show them from this page.
  • Optional: Include a rubric on the back.

Step 1: Proficiency Goal

Show the rubric and/or give them one. Remind them of their proficiency goal on the rubric and what it takes to get it.

Ask them to circle their proficiency goal on the rubric or on the top of their assessment when they get it.


Step 2: Assessments

Have them remove all resources.

Give them the assessment (download on main unit page). Go over any parts of it that you want to clarify.

Remind students to think/plan what they will want to include. Use the space under the scenario or another paper.

Let them shine!


Below is a sample script for Lucía talking about Pedro’s party. You might want to have few different versions for different classes or different proficiency targets. Since this scenario is a voice message, you can say/play it 2 or 3 times for them. First they will circle what Lucía talks about. Then they will write any additional information they can on the note paper.

Assessing Tips

Based on the script, here are possible answers:

8 items circled: 

Let them reflect on how well they did by circling None/Some/Most/All.

If you want to assign a grade, set a range for each letter similar to this:

All = A/Exceeding Expectations with 15-16 keywords.

Most = B/Meeting Expections with 9-14 keywords.

Some = C/Approaching Expections with 1-8 keywords.

None = Redo/Not Meeting Expectations with 0 keywords.

Assessment Interpersonal Speaking


Reflection: Essential Question

Show the essential questions and have them reflect using resources from link below.

Reflection: Self-Assessment

Also take the time to let them self-assess what they could do. You can do this before or after you assess them.

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