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juego del día

¿Cómo son los juegos?

< < < para el profe > > >

Lesson Focus:


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Daily Objective

Introduce the objective and remind them that they should be able to complete the daily objective at their proficiency target at the end of class today.

Game of the Day

Each day…






Most students need to learn how to take notes and figure out what is important. To strengthen this skill, use blank vocabulary sheets and add to it throughout the unit.

At the end of each lesson, give them some time to add new words to this sheet (there are two options in the download). They may pick different words and that’s ok.

This could also be a good way to set up a word wall by categories or daily lessons. Add the new words at the end of the lesson.

Learning Check

  • For

Extension Ideas:

  • Remind them to work on their “Experiences” sheet.

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