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These resources have curated for you to use as an end-of-unit project or even a sub plan.




  • Print or share any links you want your students to use for research.

Step 1: Brainstorm

What pet/animal jobs exist?

What are the requirements?



Note: There are different types of trainers (therapy animal, service animals, scent trainers, rescue, behavior)

Step 2: Read


How many jobs did they correctly predict? What other ones can they figure out? 

Step 3: Dig deeper

Have each student choose ONE job and find out more.

(This could be a human or pet job.)




Step 4: Share back with the class

 This may be an appropriate time to let them share back in English. 

Keep presentations SHORT: 1-2 minutes. 

You could have them share in small groups, in front of the class, or make a video.





Would they ever want to work with pets/animals?

Which job would they prefer? Why? 


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