Identifica los festivales, días festivos y celebraciones.

Palio dell’Assunta


Festival del Agua Songkran


Festival de San Fermín


Día de la Bastilla


Festival Fusión


 Día de la Independencia 

*Estados Unidos*

Festival de Glastonbury

*Reino Unido*

los productos


Los elementos materiales e inmateriales que las personas utilizan en una cultura específica.

las prácticas


Las actitudes y acciones de las personas en una cultura específica.

las perspectivas

¿Por qué?

Cómo ven las personas el mundo en una cultura específica.



¿Qué festejas en verano?

Describe un festival, un día festivo o una celebración.

Estás hablando con un estudiante de intercambio. Menciona que le encanta un buen festival. Cuéntale acerca de algunos de tu cultura.

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  • Download/print “festivals descriptions” (see directions below to decide how to prep it)
  • Download/print “PPP” sheet for each student
  • Download/print “Describe festival” organizer for each student

Introduce Objective 

Start by introducing the daily objective. By the end of the lesson, they should be able to do this at their proficiency target.

Festivals and Their Descriptions

Option 1: Write in answers.

Give each student or pairs a “festivals descriptions” sheet. See if they can guess each festival. Show them the names/countries options in red.

Hover over the image to reveal the answers.

Option 2: Matching

Cut the names/countries apart from the descriptions to make sets for partners.

Put students in groups and give them their set “cards.” Let them match the names/countries to the correct description.

Products, Practices and Perspectives

Go through the meanings of the PPPs. Give them the blank “PPP” sheet. Give them a chance to pull examples from the descriptions that they just saw and to add other ones that they can think of for festivals/celebrations/holidays.


Ask them what they see here. Guide them through listing the products, the practices and make some inferences on what the perspectives are.

Scroll down to show them the video. What did they understand? What do they still have questions about?

There’s a button to another AdiosTextbook page that has simplified information about the Tomatina.


What festivals/events/holidays do they attend/celebrate in the summer?

Get a discussion going. Which one is the most important? Are any unique to your area?

Festival Description

Let them pick their favorite festival or pick one that they want to go to one day. Give the organizer to guide them to form a good description.

Dragon Boat Festival (Hong Kong)
Glastonbury Festival (Somerset, England)
Heiva i Tahiti (Pape’ete, Tahiti)
El Colacho (Burgos, Spain)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Wife-Carrying World Championships (Sonkajarvi, Finland)
Burning Man Festival (Black Rock Desert, NV)
Tango Festival (Buenos Aires)
Elvis Week (Memphis)
Naadam (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
Midsummer Festival, Sweden
Kamehameha Day Hawaii
Queenstown Winter Festival
Music Festivals

Role Play Scenario

Show the scenario. Partner them up and assign one person to be the exchange student and the other is the “local.” Set a timer. See if they can sustain the conversation for the set time.


What did they do well? What other words or phrases did they need?

Remind them that they can ask questions like:

  • what they like and don’t like
  • what festivals they like
  • are there similar festivals

Switch partners and repeat.

Check for Learning / Reflect

Let them self-reflect on how well they completed the scenarios.

You can mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their experiences, especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas:

  • Parts of this lesson would make a good sub/independent plan.
  • Below are other ideas:

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!

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