¿Cómo describirías

las actividades

de verano?

¿Me recomiendas

esta actividad?

Sí, te la recomiendo.

No, no te la recomiendo.

Te recomiendo que

asistas a un curso

este verano.

No te recomiendo que

asistas a un curso

este verano.

Te recomiendo que


este verano.

No te recomiendo que


este verano.

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Grammar in Context: Subjunctive

Vocabulary: Adjectives to describe + intensifiers


  • Dry-erase boards/markers/erasures for each student
  • Download “divertido” example, cut apart so each student gets one
  • Pick small or large version of the blank “new example” to print

Introduce Objective 

Start by introducing the daily objective. By the end of the lesson, they should be able to do this at their proficiency target.

You could add a “recommend… or NOT” to this one.

Adjectives to describe

First, let them brainstorm adjectives to describe summer activities (most will probably be positive phrases, but get some negative ones as well).

Put up as a word wall or let them add them to their vocabulary sheet in the “activities” section.


Then show them how to “intensify” the adjectives. You can just show one way or show more to let them choose.

Practice changing a few of the adjectives with them. You could say an adjective and point to one of the circles for them to try to change them. Also this is a good time to remind them that they may need to change the endings to agree (gender and number). Dry-erase boards would be good for this.

You can also give them a blank “new example” sheet that looks like the “divertido” one. Assign a new adjective for them to write out all the forms. Hang these up for them to reference.

Note: Let them have some choice about which of these they want to use. They do not have to know all of these.

1) Add a word like “muy, súper, bien.”

2) Add a suffix. Remove the o/a, add ísimo/a.

3) Add an adverb like “totalmente, absolutamente, tremednamente, realmente”

4) Add a prefix. Add “re, rete, requete” to the adjective. Tell me this isn’t fun to say!

Interpersonal Speaking

Partner them up.

Show a part of the video or say an activity from their lists from yesterday. Now let them make a statement about whether or not they recommend it, and then explain using an “intensified adjective.”

Variation: Use the dry-erase boards for this as well.

Improve it or Ruin it!

Say a phrase about what you are going to do. Then ask them to recommend it, but first “Improve it.” Then ask them to NOT  recommend it, so “Ruin it” by adding extra details. They may need some words like: but, with, without, while, for, etc. Encourage them to use some of the new “intensifier tricks.” This should be fun! They could do it in groups. It could be anonymously submitted and someone is a judge that picks their favorite for points.


Teacher: Recommend that someone taks summer school classes. Improve it!

Student A: Summer class are very fun! There are all famous people for the teachers.

Student B: Summer class are “requete” relaxing! We are required to wear pjs.

Teacher: Now don’t recommend it… Ruin it!

Student C: Summer class are so long! The classes are 12 hours long.

Student D: Summer class are very boring! No cellphones are allowed.

After the example, point out the subjuctive verb ending. Explain briefly that -ar verbs change to -es and -er/ir verbs change to -as. 

Then use the blank version to do other activities. Let them suggest which ones to do. If they get the verb ending wrong or it is irregular, give them a quick correction but keep going.

Check for Learning / Reflect

Let them recommend 3 things to do this summer and give as many details as they can. They can also reccomend what someone should not do as well. See if they can do this at their proficiency target.

You can mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their experiences, especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas:

  • Still thinking of ideas…

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