¿Cómo son los snacks?

¿Cómo se comparan los hábitos de comer entre comidas alrededor del mundo?

Specifically made for young learners with simple objectives & shorter lessons.

Snacks are popular around the world, especially with the younger generation. Explore different types from the target cultures (and beyond). Then talk about your own favorites.

Proficiency Range:

    Novice Mid – Novice High


⊕ Contemporary Life

Unit Duration:

    +/- 9 days

Talking about these topics:

⊕ snacks, candies, drinks from target cultures

⊕ flavors and types

⊕ places to buy snacks

Using these language skills:

⊕ describing snacks: colors, shapes, sizes, flavors

⊕ giving opinions

⊕ comparing drinks

⊕ ordering snacks






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  1. Rachel Johnson

    When do you think this unit will be complete? Just trying to plan accordingly. 🙂

    • Kara Parker

      Hello Rachel! We’re in the planning phase now (aka researching and buying snacks to get some pictures). I’m aiming to complete it by the end of September, but honestly I hope to finish it sooner. All the “back to school” revamps are taking precedent right now. When are you wanting to teach it?

  2. K Whitton

    Hello! This unit is so engaging. I think students will love it. {typo fixed}

    • Kara Parker

      Thanks! I enjoyed doing the “research” for this one for sure. [typo fixed]

  3. Alicia LeClair

    Hi! When looking at the evaluations and the description of the interpersonal assessment it says that the script is available in the downloads but I haven’t found it anywhere. Can you lead me to it? Thanks in advance.

    • Kara Parker

      Hello Alicia! I forgot to include it in the download, but the “Best Snacks” assessment script is typed out in the teacher directions on the “Evaluación” page next to the assessment at the bottom. You can pick and choose which questions to ask. You don’t have to ask all of those. The other assessment about “Community Meetup,” I didn’t put a script since it’s a group chat that you don’t have to lead. Let me know if you need any ideas for that one or I need to clarify more!

      • Alicia LeClair

        Thanks for the reply, Kara. Also, do you have any resources for working with the second essential question about how snacking habits compare about the world? Or is that question referring more to what types of snacks? I was interpreting it as students would be learning about when people eat snacks in different countries, etc.

        • Kara Parker

          Welcome! I was thinking of the habits to include the “what” and “where” they bought them. We don’t have the “when” specifically addressed in the lessons for the other cultures (there are a questions in the Respond to Questions lesson). I thought it was too much for the novices to get into all of that, but that could definitely be added. I can see adding something about meriendas to do the “when.” I interviewed several native speakers while creating this unit. The older generations said, “We don’t snack like Americans.” However, they were quick to talk about their favorite snacks. When I asked them when they ate them, the answer was whenever they wanted. The younger generations typically said they do snack. So I found it really depended on the person and their lifestyle choices. Let me know if you find a good resource that addresses the “when.”

          • Alicia LeClair

            Oh yeah that totally makes sense. Thanks for the input/ideas!

    • Kara Parker

      I swapped it out for another site. It does not have as many flavors, but it has some unique ones!

      • Sara Marruffo-Blodget

        Quick question. Does anyone know of an online vendor that sells snacks and drinks that would work in this unit’s lessons? If I were to order online, I’d rather shop from one vendor. Amazon is a so-so option, but I’d prefer somewhere else.

        • Kara Parker

          Amazon would be my first place or a local store with international foods. It looks like Walmart has “International Snacks” if you search on there. I’ll keep my eyes out for other options!

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