“El estrés y la salud están estrechamente relacionados.” 

¿Qué le pasa a tu cuerpo cuando te sientes estresado?

los efectos del estrés en tu salud


dolores de cabeza 

 problemas gastrointestinales

sueño interrumpido

espasmos musculares

resfríos, gripe, virus y otras enfermedades

problemas de concentración

las partes del cuerpo afectadas

la espalda

el estómago

la cabeza

las piernas

los brazos

los músculos 

el sistema inmune

¿con qué frecuencia sientes

estos efectos del estrés? 

< < <  P A R A   L O S   P R O F E  S  > > >


Print “Blank body Handout” and/or “Frequency Chart” for students.


Printing tip: Since all programs and printers vary, you may need to SCALE down the PDF before printing to fit the page.

Step 1: Share Daily Objective

By the end of the class, students should be able to identify a few ways stress can affect the body and then talk about how it affects them personally. 

Step 2: Question of the day

Stress and health and very connected! Read more by clicking the orange Cigna link.

What happens to you when you feel stressed?

(This could be a question just to get them thinking OR you can let students actually try to answer it.) 

Step 3: Symptoms and Body Parts

Give students the blank body form and let challenge them to label some of the key body parts in one color. Then have them write the symptoms on the paper and highlight what parts of the body are impacted by the symptom.  

Step 4: Frequency Chart

Give students a copy of this chart (or have them draw it on their own paper).

How often do students feel some of the symptoms of stress mentioned above? 

Let them add a few symptoms to each section.

Discuss them as a class. What are the most common symptoms among the class? Least frequent?

What body parts are most impacted? 


Step 5: Check for learning

Have students tell about how stress can affect people (at their proficiency level). 

They can come to you with their stamp sheet and talk about it while you stamp their sheet.

They could write it on a slip of paper for an exit slip.

They could record it on video.

The could talk about it with a partner. 


Lesson Extension Idea: Read more! Here’s a PDF of a BBC article to dig deeper:


Note: Most authentic resources reference some sexual issues as a cause of stress. To keep this school appropriate for some learners, we’ve omitted this portion of the article. If you look for this article online, be aware it will be there.

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


  1. Kelly Diaz

    what video are you referring to in step 4

    • Megan Smith

      Sorry, Kelly. The instructions were still referring to the video that we removed due to the inappropriate part. Instead of a video, I’d just show the “los efectos del estrés en tu salud” list on the screen and let them write them on their frequency chart. Then let them talk it out with a partner OR as a class. What are your most frequent symptoms? Which symptoms do you never have?

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