¿Qué encuentras en un
bar de tapas?

# 1

Vamos a ver una fotos de bares de tapas.

la entrada

lAs mesas


la carta

los camareros

las tapas

la cuenta

# 2

Mis observaciones

# 3

Mis inferencias

En general,

los bares de tapas…

< < <  P A R A   L O S   P R O F E S  > > >


  • None at this time.

Step 1: Introduce the Daily Objective

By the end of this class, students should be able to do this objective at their proficiency level.

Step 2: Prediction Question

First let them guess what things/objects (aka products) they’ll see in a tapas bar.

Step 3: Introduce the Task

#1 Introduce the different parts of a tapas bar that we will be analyzing. the entrance, the tables (seating), the menu, the tapas, the check

#2 Introduce that they will look for EVIDENCE. There are a few sentence starters that they can use. 

#3 Introduce that next they will make an INFERENCE. There are some sentence starters and they may want to add more as needed.

Encourage them to write these phrases down.

Step 4: Look at the pictures

Give them time to look at all the photos from the first section (entrada). You can CLICK on the PHOTO to make it larger.

Then challenge them to write down 3 things they notice from the picture. This is their evidence. What do they see? This may be products (one of ACTFL’s PPPs). Example: I notice that the doors are open.

There are a few ways to do this: 

Option 1: Have them write their evidence on a white board to hold up.

Option 2: Have them discuss with a partner.

Option 3: Have a small or whole group discussion.

Next ask them to make an inference. Why do they think it is that way? (practices or perspectives – the other 2 of ACTFL’s PPPs). Example: Maybe it’s because the climate is nice or it’s hot and there’s no A/C. It’s ok if they are wrong! Correct them or help them search to see if their inference is correct.

Then move on to the next section and repeat.

Things they may notice or questions you can ask to prompt them:

Entrada – open door? signs? names? age/style of building?

Tables – size of tables? height? types of chairs? indoor/outdoor?

Carta – where is it? how many tapas? traditional tapas or unique?

Tapas – sizes of plates? types of plates?

Cuenta – prices? taxes? handwritten or printed?

Photo Notes: Most of these were taken in Madrid during December 2022. We’d love to have more photos. Email us if you have any!

Step 5: Write up

Now let them create a write up of what a typical tapas bar is like in Madrid. They may want to use some of the words like typically/generally.


Todos los bares tienen…

La mayoría de los bares usan…

Por lo general, se encuentran en edificios pequeños.

Extension: Compare it to your favorite restaurant.

Extension: Assign a tapas bar in another part of Spain or of the world. How does that compare to these?

Check for Learning

Were they able to complete today’s objective at their proficiency target?

If so, have them initial their own objective sheet.


If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas

Encourage them to start looking at the options on their “tapas” unit experiences.

Which ones look most interesting? What do they want to learn more about?